A.T. Day 3

August 26, 2009

 This reminds us of duty



As part of the invitation guests were asked to provide two small snacks. This was a small token in appreciation and as a sharing of communal offering.

One Response to “A.T. Day 3”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I can’t believe you were in that house embroidering for 5 days.. amazing. I guess what you’ve pointed out is why I pretty much hate Trinidad. Our people really suck. Jamaicans might be overly aggressive, but they definitely band together. Trinidadians are in no way inclined to help you, unless you make it big. Then they want help FROM you!! And then there is the constant armchair criticism. No one has the gumption to get anything together, but they feel free to mauvais langue if you break away from the herd.

    So just do it, Adele. You go after the things you want……and call it a day. Fuck everyone else!

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