Adele Todd                                                                                    
Trinidad, West Indies
(868) 788-4805
Murray State University, Murray, Kentucky  USA
MFA Programme (incomplete) 1992
Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York  USA
Cum laude  1991   BFA   Graphic Design
Significant Recognition
Domus Academy Masters in Design , Milan, Italy Partial scholarship (Deferred)
Awarded a number of financial supports for projects through the Ministry of Culture, Unit Trust, Financial Group, CMMB Financial Group and The French Embassy in Trinidad West Indies
Online projects of reknown: thebookmann.blogspot,com,
Solo Exhibitions

2010 – “What caused the destruction of Man?”
The Box – an interpretation of one lost aspect of old masquerade. The carnival route. Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. West Indies. Carnival Jouvert – Monday 15th  February.

2009 – Violence Blooms 2006-2009 Installation work – embroidery and dimensional embroidery techniques. Trinidad, West Indies.
2009 –Police an’ Tief – The University of the West Indies –‘The House’ on Warner Street.   A series of thirty-two embroidery works focused on the theme of violence in Trinidad and Tobago. Sunday 23rd August to Wednesday  2nd September.

2009 – Hope – A look at the maternity ward system at Mount Hope General Hospital Performance (Embroidery) The University of the West Indies – “The House’ on Warner Street

2009 – “The Examination of the Herald” by Aubrey Beardsley  Performance – Jouvert Carnival Monday – on the road – an interpretation of the drawings. Monday,23rd  February

2008 – Patrimony – Dimensional Embroidery Installation
The Space – Trinidad, June 2008

2000 – Hit! Visual documentation on domestic violence
National Museum of Trinidad and Tobago
Group Exhibitions
2009 – Contemporary West Indian Art –  Realartways, Connecticut. USA.
November 14th 2009 – March 19th 2010 : Curated by Kristina Newman-Scott & Yona Backer.

2009 – SoftBox Gallery – Erotica Week- Softbox Studios,Woodbrook, Trinidad 3rd June to 2nd July

2008 – Islington Arts Factory Autumn Salon show – London, England
14 – 28th November

2008 – CARIFESTA X (Catalogue) – Georgetown,Guyana
22-31 August

2005 – Second Beijing Biennale(Catalogue/Book) –  Beijing, China
20th September to 20th October

2003 – Paradise – with South African Artist Lisa Brice collaborative works in progress Caribbean Contemporary Arts 7(CCA7) Laventille, Trinidad
30th January – 29th March CCA7 – Artists Talk Series – 18th March

2001 – Cariforum (Catalogue)
Between Lines, Entre Lignes Travelling Exhibition

2001 – St.Maartins, Haiti, Santo Domingo\ 2002 – Dominica, Curacao,
Guadelope, Antigua and Martinique
IV feria Internaticional del Libro 2001, Conservatorio Nacional de Musica Santo Domingo.
R.D.(Abril 2001)

Journey:The Trinidad Art Society Gallery
(1996/1997) Sponsored by the French Embassy to Trinidad and Tobago
Mixed-media – sculpture (In association with the French Cultural Service) Grant awarded.
Residencies and Exhibitions
2007 – Artade, Art Residency in Mauritius,June
2004 – HweiLan International Artist Workshop and Exhibition (Online and catalogue)

June 10th to 26th-Performance and Installation works
2003 – Braziers International Artist Workshop and Exhibition (Catalogue)
August 10th to 26th-Installation works

2001 – big River International Artists Workshop and Exhibition (Catalogue)
as well as‘working group” to select artists – March 25th-April 9th
Visiting Artist
2003 – Performance – “when you dream wedding…”
University of the West Indies and panel discussion
On U-Tube
Rockstone &Bootheel:
http: //,0,
Newsday, Thursday, February 6th, 2001
The enigma of CCA7 by Anne Hilton
Newsday, May 24th, 2000 page 15
All manner of domestic violence by Anne Hilton
Express, Tuesday 23,2000 page 23
Violence gets hit by Art by Raymond Ramcharitar
Sunday Express, May 21st, 2000
Artist launches ‘Hit’ show – Exhibition delves into domestic violence
by Gillian Moore

Newsday, Tuesday, June 6th, 2000 page 25 (Letters)
The Power of Adele Todd – Senator Diana Mahabir Wyatt

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