Watch Meh

December 27, 2009

The dimensional embroidery, termed by  me are actually local phrases made from thread wrapped around wire and wadding. Adele Todd’s dimensional embroidery, “DEM DOES MACO MEH TOO, DEM HEAD SPINNING, JEALOUSING, DEM CONFUSE ?”

I looked at the idea of our local slang words and their playful meaning in these works that I have coined as ‘dimensional embroidery.’ I use this name because my objective is to play with thread in a way where the material can come alive through continuous wrappings. These works are made with wire, wadding and miles and miles of threads.


Sensing violence – HIT

December 26, 2009

Embroidery on felt, Hit Adele Todd, 2000

The Trinidadian artist Adele Todd has allowed Feinin to interpret her work. Here is one of her felt pieces which represent the many ways people are punished in the Caribbean. A ruler and hot iron, a slipper, a rolling pin, a belt or worse yet a cutlass….whatever you have at the time of the confrontation. I like using written words.

Embroidery, Adele Todd explains, is her art, or in other words her paint brush where she outlines and decorates the silhouettes . The woman running is screaming, she is also wearing a lovely polka dot dress stitched in red. “Domestic life does not prepare one for violence” says the Artist.

Hit by Feinin, 2009

Can art possess an inner power, can it do things which we have no control? In the process of documenting a detail of the silhouette, as I moved the ladder to the side, it tipped over and smashed directly into the center of my history, breaking apart my father’s only plate and my Great Grand parents’ china tea cup and saucer.

HIT Family heirlooms “May shatter on impact”. Made in Trinidad and Tobago

My grandparents plate at Adele Todd’s Hit exhibition at the National Museum of Trinidad and Tobago in 2000