Watch Meh

December 27, 2009

The dimensional embroidery, termed by  me are actually local phrases made from thread wrapped around wire and wadding. Adele Todd’s dimensional embroidery, “DEM DOES MACO MEH TOO, DEM HEAD SPINNING, JEALOUSING, DEM CONFUSE ?”

I looked at the idea of our local slang words and their playful meaning in these works that I have coined as ‘dimensional embroidery.’ I use this name because my objective is to play with thread in a way where the material can come alive through continuous wrappings. These works are made with wire, wadding and miles and miles of threads.


The places That Scare Me

December 26, 2009

Writing on the wall, embroidery

What is this life. Embroidery 2008

The Places that Scare Me

Performance brings out for me many hidden or difficult emotions. It is a liberator, and this is why I use it so often in my process as an artist. The Places that Scare me, gave me an opportunity to literally clean out the cobwebs of  personal hurts.
I also wondered, what if thread could work as Performance. I had been doing other texts with thick wadding. Words of power and in 2009, I worked with words a great deal. Words seemed to satisfy my range. It’s literal presence and the color choices as well as the thickness or thinness of the threads assisted in the meanings behind what could be read.

For example, you see and read on the head, “I deserve better.” When read, it becomes ‘your’ thought too.Each group of words was placed on the body, thus giving the look of a perminant marking, as well as an embroidery of beautiful markings. But being thread, it could easily blow away, disassemble, and so break the illusion that what the words represented was all that there was.

So in the end, by confronting “The places that Scare me” I put a light into the darkness and revealed strength.